About us

  • Silvertech Industrial (HK) Ltd was established in 1992, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, and branches as well as factories in mainland China. Our business focuses on the production of high quality power transmission parts under the brand name

    Our products are well known in the local market in China as well as in the global markets, such as European and North American countries. In addition, we are the sole authorised distributor in the Greater China Area for many world-renowned high-tech industrial products from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Japan and Taiwan.? These products can be applied to railway, aerospace, marine, chemistry, food/beverage, environmental production and machinery industries, etc.

    Silvertech Industrial always strive to develop a reputation and brand loyalty through high quality of products and seamless after-sales services. We aim at providing highest customer satisfaction by exercising strictest control over production and logistics management, technical support and after-sales services.? It is our ultimate goal to maintain the trust from our clients through delivery of the best services possible to them.? We believe our sustainable growth depends on success of our clients.

    We place great value on our staff and encourage them to deliver their best.? We invest significantly in human resource development and offer comprehensive on-the-job training to equip our staff. Through our commitment in staff development, we have developed an extremely competent and dedicated team working in Hong Kong and our branches and factories in China.? We take pride to be known as the company providing the best products and services for our customers.

  • Our promise: Silvertech  – Your choice for Industrial Products
    We take our promise seriously.


Coming Event

  • DMP 2019

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